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Work Week.

I hope it’s easy to see that I love what I do. However, I have learned over the past few years that it’s not just loving what I do but where I do it. I spend every day in the same warehouse my grandfather started the flooring business, where my parents met, where I learned to ride a bike, where I practiced basketball every Sunday. I try to keep this perspective when work starts to feel like work (like it can for all of us). For those that are curious what it looks like to do my own biz at the same place as the fam biz, I thought I’d share a little bit of what I do during a typical work week.


If I’m not searching for new rugs for the store, I‘m searching for a client. To me, the coolest thing that has evolved at Lola Pate is how I help customers find a rug for their space. I’ve become a rug personal shopper and I love it. I would say 50% of my customers are the typical walk-ins - they come in, see the rug they want, buy it and leave. The other 50% is a mixed bag and requires more work on my end. Some people find something they like here but need in different size or color. If I don’t have what a customer is looking for in stock, they send me their inspo or pictures of their space and I send options over. I have some customers who have never even had to step foot in the store - they send what they are looking for + I do the rest. I always try to emphasize that it’s never, ever limited to just what’s on the racks here. If you’re needing help with your space, I’m your girl. Make appointment here.


If I’m not doing LP social media , I’m doing all things social media + marketing for Hank’s. Follow along if you aren’t already. Since LP is located inside of the Hank’s warehouse, I help out however I can around here by answering the phones or assisting customers. Occasionally, I will pick up lunch if Mama isn’t cooking. I’m sometimes annoying the guys or setting them straight. Always entertained. And if I need a break I can go sit and talk with my dad and brothers.

I know what we have here is a rare thing and I try to never take it for granted. People often ask if I’d move my store to its own location. And I’m sure that would look cool and be very impressive. But it wouldn’t mean to me what this place does. And who would I boss around to get rugs down for me?


The rest of my time is doing your typical business things. Coordinating rug pick-ups, scheduling deliveries. Some not so fun things (that usually involves numbers) and some very fun things (planning photoshoots + events). And now I’m adjusting / getting in the grove since we’ve added clothing to the game and all that it entails.

Every day and every week looks different here. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed or the imposter syndrome creeps in. But in the doubt and inevitable stress, I always feel like I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to, where I’m supposed to.

Would love to see you in our neck of the woods soon.

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