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Future Mrs. Rug Girl.

For years I dreamed up what would become Lola Pate, and finally in the summer of 2019, I opened LP as a rug and home store. I offered mostly rugs and a few home items here and there - pillows, candles, etc. While I am personally inspired by interiors and a well-decorated space, home decor isn't something I feel passionate about. While the rugs portion of the business always thrived, the home goods fizzled out. That led me to revisit an idea I had long before — offering apparel. I decided to finally go for it in 2023 because: why not. A combo that might not have made much sense to many made the most sense to me. While we grew, rebranded, and continued to focus on our rugs – I began to envision how apparel would be the next big thing for Lola Pate. We worked hard to put this plan into action, and saw success, while learning a lot in the process. Then, just a few months after launching apparel, I met this tall, handsome guy at a concert on a Wednesday night…. 

My Mama has always joked I wasn’t allowed to marry and move away. Well, despite her wishes and best efforts, I fell in love with that guy at the concert. To her (initial) concern, he happens to live an hour and a half away from me. But don't worry – to her delight, he’s a farmer – and he has more than won her over! Distance and all. As he and I started talking about a future together, I knew Lola Pate would look different one day as my home base and commute would certainly change. 

This past weekend that handsome farmer asked me to marry him…. and I said “you’re joking!” (and then yes, of course!!!) I am so excited for our future together. As that gets closer, I know I need to make biz decisions now that will make sense in the long run for my personal life, and continue to align with our LP values. With that in mind, I have decided my first year of apparel at LP will also be my last. Adding apparel has been creatively fulfilling, super rewarding, and something I’m still so glad I said yes to. But going forward I know exactly what LP is, and has been all along. Despite all the business and personal changes over the years, rugs have been the thing that’s stayed consistent here at LP. Our #1 and day one love — it’s what brought me into working in the fam biz, and it’s what will keep me here. So we are going back to the basics, baby — rugs, and just rugs. 

I was just 24 years old when we launched Lola Pate, and in just a few weeks I’ll turn 29. It makes sense this lil biz has evolved over the years. Because I have. And it’s a reflection of me and my life. 

(I am Lola Pate!!!!) I'll be sure to keep you posted with whatever comes next. Biz hours and things may look a little different going forward, but I’m not going anywhere!

Can’t thank you enough for all the love and support — for all the seasons, but especially this one. 


Your fav (future Mrs.) rug girl

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