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Heritage includes, but is much more than preserving, excavating, displaying, or restoring a collection of old things.  It is both tangible and intangible, in the sense that ideas and memories--of songs, recipes, language, dances, and many other elements of who we are and how we identify ourselves

Layers. A stylized term that has inadvertently become a recurrent theme in my life. 


As a child, I spent countless time at my family’s carpet store. Minutes turned to hours, and in the mind of a child, these afternoons seemed as endless as the rolls of carpets that towered above me. Seeing the determination and work ethic of my parents as they put so much of themselves into their dreams became a part of me, a fundamental layer of my personality. 


However, as the inherent rebellion that accompanies most teens set in, I vowed to NEVER EVER, under any circumstances, work in ’the family biz,’ and searched elsewhere for a soul satisfier. Photography quenched this for some time, but felt more like a stepping stone than a destination. The constant hunt for beauty - both obvious and understated - that is the life of a photographer unearthed another layer of my personality - a desire to not only notice beauty, but provide it. 


Rebellion subsided and pride in my family’s heritage and industry was ignited. I've found my passion in another hunt, the hunt for unique, striking and undeniably beautiful rugs and home decor. LOLA PATE has taken root in one of the same corners of the carpet store that my parent’s met at, the carpet store that I played in….

their lifetime, my future, layered together. 


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“Ahhh maganda”

mahal kita - i love you

Sticky rice, soy sauce, flip flops




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carpet store



"just ask hank"

family business 

worth ethic + values + carpet



Hey y’all!


Now that you have a feel for Lola Pate and what we embody, let me introduce myself :)  I’m Payton, but prefer to be called Pate. I’m a second generation Filipino-American that grew up in a carpet store surrounded by family and loved ones. This pastime ultimately sparked the fire that ignited Lola Pate.


Finding simplicity and beauty in home items {especially rugs} has become a passion of mine. Pouring character, love, and thoughtfulness into creating a home is so important to me. 

I want this business to reflect the hard work and heritage that my family has instilled in me - while also adding my own flare (lover of cowhides, photography, steer heads, all things boho, tone on tones.) 


Each piece is picked with purpose + a lot of heart. I want pieces in YOUR home to bring comfort and embrace your originality. 


Have any questions? - come by the shop and #JustAskPate

it's a family thing.

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