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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Pate’s Picks originally started in 2019 as me just sharing my favorite rug of the week on instagram. Last year, I had the idea to expand on this idea + share all my favorites. Proud of myself for finally putting this idea into action. So I have a lot to share + say — most of which isn‘t that important. Hope you stick around anyways.


Picking out rugs for my own home has not been easy. For one, I’m very indecisive. Two, I have way too many options at my fingertips. I have fallen in love with too many rugs. After ordering samples, I decided to go with this jute rug from Annie Selke for my dining room and I‘m so excited. This simple flatwoven jute design offers beauty and appeal on a scale that makes it timeless. If you’re looking for something similar, need samples, or if you’re also wildly indecisive, let’s chat. Contact me here.


I received these gorgeous Estelle glasses as a gift for my 26th birthday and I looove. I mean…. that green. My friends know me so well. I currently have these on display in my dining room — too pretty to store away. My favorite thing to do is pour Olipop over ice in one of these beauties because why not.


THE cowgirl boots. If you’ve been following LP or my personal insta for a while, you know how much I love these boots. I used to just wear them on special occasions. Now, I wear almost once a week. I wear to work, concerts, dinner with friends, or on my weekly Kroger runs. These exact ones have been out of stock, but I linked some similar ones here.


I have received two of these bangles as gifts over the years and they are my favorite. I never take them off. Love this company + the sentiment behind it all. Looking forward to adding to my stack over the years!

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