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Updated: Feb 27, 2023

What’s up, LP fam?! Thanks for being here.

Over the past 3 years, Lola Pate has given me an outlet to share about our family heritage, the flooring business, and of course my love for all things rugs. Now with the launch of clothing at LP, I’m excited for this new opportunity to share more of what inspires me + glimpses into my every day.

This is a new season I am so thrilled about for LP. I’ve aways been passionate about the little things, and I cannot wait to share more with you through Pate’s Picks. Hope you love ‘em too!

This one was an immediate yes and add to cart. Keeping things on brand in the new crib. Can’t wait for her to arrive + style with some pretty blooms - you’ll definitely be seeing her in the next LP photoshoot.


I switched over from coffee to matcha about a year ago and now I gotta have my iced matcha every morning. My favorite is definitely the Sun Goddess Matcha from Pique. All good ingredients with amazing benefits. Pro tip: add cashew milk, stevia, and MCT oil. You’re welcome.


Can’t go wrong with these babies. My favorite way to wear them is with shorts, joggers, or a dress. Great staple to add to your closet!


I was never picky about my bedding until I invested in bedding from Parachute. I regret nothing and neither will you. Gotta have the best sheets when you had a 9pm bedtime. Where my fellow grandmas at???

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